Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick

Okay, so this is not strictly an ‘adventurous’ walk, nor do you need a four-wheel drive to get there, but it is an enjoyable and easy weekday walk to keep the dog and baby out of mischief!

Wilson Botanic Park-Jack

If you live in the Berwick area, have a dog that needs to be walked daily, and little ones to entertain, then the RBG Berwick is a perfect close-to-home walk for a weekday. There are numerous walking tracks around the park, so you can take a different route each time you visit according to how your mood takes you. There are a few steep uphills (and downhills) but it’s easy to avoid these if you’d rather stay on the flat, taking in the picturesque lakes. The whole park is buggy friendly; the top paths tend to be more gravelly, but are still easy enough to navigate.

The site was actually an operation quarry until the late 1970’s, but nowadays is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Wandering around you will find an abundance of bird species that inhabit the park, and in the summer months you may also see lizards and turtles. The wide variety of plants and trees are stunning whatever the season.

There are numerous picnic benches along all the walking tracks, sheltered BBQ areas and toilets. For any other dog owners, there are lots of bins throughout the park, and they even provide doggy pick-up bags at both entrances. How great is that!

There is also a playground close to the main entrance of the park, and a visitor centre by the car park.

Other points of interest are the bird hide which is hidden down by the basalt lake, which has lots of educational nature-identifying posters inside, and a directional marker which is positioned on the cliff at the back of the park, where you can also take in some stunning views of Berwick and surrounds. You can even see Melbourne on a clear day.


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