Ada Tree Walk – Yarra State Forest

This is a stunning walk through the Yarra State Forest that takes in the magnificent 75m high mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans), known as the Ada Tree. The walk itself meanders through eucalypt (mountain Ash) forest and rainforest, there is abundant bird life and you might be lucky enough to see or hear a Lyre Bird.

Driving directions

The Ada tree Walk is situated in the Yarra State Forest.

  • Numerous car parking spaces
  • Drop toilets
  • Picnic tables, and undercover picnic area
  • Dogs allowed
The Walk
  • 3.5km
  • 1.5hr approx. return
  • You can either return along the same route, or take the road back

We have walked this trail in the Summer and found it to be quite an easy walk, however in the Winter it feels quite different. Wear good walking shoes, and be prepared for a bit of mud! We walked along the trail to the Ada tree and then took the road back. The walk has recently been updated to allow this alternative return route, and there is a boardwalk area leaving the Ada tree viewing platform area.

The walk is really interesting, with lots to see and there are lots of educational signs along the way with points of interest.
The path is mostly forest floor, with occasional boardwalks.


There are a couple of river crossings…
…this one felt quite narrow but our buggy fitted through.
There are a few steep areas along the path which in the mud became pretty slippy, so again, wear decent footwear!


There were also numerous places where we had to navigate over exposed roots through tight gaps and rocks
The path back was a welcome relief!

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