Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick

Okay, so this is not strictly an ‘adventurous’ walk, nor do you need a four-wheel drive to get there, but it is an enjoyable and easy weekday walk to keep the dog and baby out of mischief!

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Vegan Veggie Muffins

I made these muffins for the first time a few weeks back, and they are just perfect for a healthy snack whilst out and about.  Being full of veggies, soft and easy to eat they are also great for bub to snack on as well, she tends to have one as an afternoon snack most days.  I make a full batch, and then freeze, and pull out a few as required. Having just eaten up the last of the frozen muffins, I decided to cook up a new batch today. This recipe made 24 mini muffins, plus four jumbo muffins.

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Gembrook Park: Flora and Fauna Reserve – Nature Trail

A familiar story i’m sure; The last weekend before you’re due back at the office, you’ve spent all Saturday completing all those little jobs you’d been putting off doing till the holidays and then somehow didn’t manage to get around to. So now you’re in need of some relaxation before Monday morning comes around. No? well that’s how things had eventuated for me and I had one dry and sunny Sunday left to acheive my goal. The answer, a nice day out with the family somewhere scenic and preferably on the shady side!

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